Att gå för långt?

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Österlund-Pötzsch, S. (2022). Att gå för långt? Genre som metod för att studera rörelsemönster. Tidsskrift for Kulturforskning, (1). Hentet fra


The concept of genre is intrinsically linked to the development of Folkloristics. Initially, the genre system was based in oral folklore and text, but has with expanded perceptions of what folklore is and what folkloristics should study also come to encompass non-verbal expressions. Does it make sense, however, to apply the concept of genre to patterns of movement? In this article, I explore different ways in which genre can be used as a method for studying various types of walking practices. Whereas genre can be fairly easily applied to walking practices and traditions that are seen as distinct entities, such as pilgrimage and parades, walking styles in everyday contexts might be more aptly framed as genre-esque. Still, the strategic use of genre is a useful tool to ascertain both the characteristics and the communicative aspects of specific walking practices and might, furthermore, illuminate how they relate to other practices.

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