Ein sieidi si rolle i religionsutøving i samtida

Emneord (Nøkkelord)

ritual practices

Hvordan referere

Fonneland, T. (2017). Ein sieidi si rolle i religionsutøving i samtida. Tidsskrift for Kulturforskning, (1). Hentet fra https://ojs.novus.no/index.php/TFK/article/view/1380


Through contemporary shamanism, parts of pre-Christian practices and symbols are incorporated into new contexts and interpretive frames. One such symbol is the sieidi (Sami sacrificial stone) and heritage site Rikkagallo in Lavangen municipality in Troms. Every year from 2012, shaman Eirik Myrhaug has organized a hike to the sieidi to conduct a ritual inspired by the traditions of his Sámi ancestors. It is the encounter between different interpretations, narratives and identities related to a chosen landscape and religious symbol that is the focus of the article. It sheds light on how new religious currents are merged into local traditions and give life and growth to new forms of religion and religious practices.
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