Stadnamnnormering i Noreg – prinsipp, aktørar, tendensar
namn og nemne omslag 2022

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Larsen, T. (2022). Stadnamnnormering i Noreg – prinsipp, aktørar, tendensar. NAMN OG NEMNE, 39. Hentet fra


This article discusses how the spelling of place-names in Norway has been standardised from the end of the nineteenth century until today. The history of standardisation is divided into four phases, and certain principles that define the different phases are identified, as well as central actors in the standardisation process. Drawing on Vikør (2007), the author compares the standardisation of place-names with the standardisation of written language in general, showing that even though the spelling of place-names is part of written language planning, there are also differences between the two. Finally, the article discusses the management of place-names as cultural heritage.

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