Olaf G. Helland - berømt felemakar og musikkhandlar på Notodden

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Kåsa, O., & Storesund, A. (2018). Olaf G. Helland - berømt felemakar og musikkhandlar på Notodden. Musikk Og Tradisjon, 31. Hentet fra https://ojs.novus.no/index.php/MOT/article/view/1471


Olaf Gunnarson Helland from Bø in Telemark was one of Norway's most famous makers of Hardanger fiddles. He was fourth generation of the Hel-land-Steintjønndalen family, who for about 150 years held a dominant po-sition in the making of Hardanger fiddles in Norway. Olaf Helland developed and improved his instruments, which came to acquire a partic-ular sound.They have been sought after by many of the best Hardanger fiddle players, and still are. Olaf Helland also was a first-class wood carver and decorative painter. For fifty years he had his workshop and music shop at Notodden in Telemark, and the present article gives a detailed description of what was special about his instruments and how they are suited for spe-cial types of playing. The article also provides information of Olaf Helland's business activity, and how it contributed to the music culture during the early decades of the twentieth century.
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