Nordleg etnografi

Juha Pentikäinen


Northern ethnography has a long history. It was founded as a field of research by Mathias Alexander Castrén (1813-1852) and Antal Reguly (1819-1858). Also Lars Levi Læstadius (1800-1861) played a key role. In the autumn of 1998 and spring of 1999, this field was invigorated by a research group led by Håkan Rydving and the author at the Centre for Advanced Study of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters in Oslo. The essay tells important parts of this history.

Emneord (Nøkkelord)

Northern ethnography; Alexander Castrén (1813-1852); Antal Reguly (1819-1858); Lars Levi Læstadius (1800-1861); Håkan Rydving (1953-)



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