Runefunn fra Finnesloftet

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Zilmer, K. (2022). Runefunn fra Finnesloftet . Maal Og Minne, 114(1).


In the years 2017–2019 twelve runic inscriptions and numerous other graffiti were found from the medieval loft known as Finnesloftet at Voss. Finnesloftet is among the oldest preserved secular wooden buildings from medieval Norway, dendrochronologically dated to around 1295. This article provides the first runological presentation of the material, discussing possible ways of reading and understanding the inscriptions. The runic material is seen in relation to other graffiti from the building. Similar collections of varied medieval graffiti and inscriptions are in Norway previously known from church buildings, primarily stave churches. The finds from Finnesloftet broaden our understanding of the use of runes and other modes of communication in the medieval society.
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