The Dynamics behind the Spread of the Cistercians in Galicia (North-Western Spain), 1142–1250

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Sabatel, José Antonio López. 2022. «The Dynamics Behind the Spread of the Cistercians in Galicia (North-Western Spain), 1142–1250». Collegium Medievale 35 (desember). Oslo, Norge.


Galicia saw the first Cistercian foundation in the Iberian Peninsula. This essay explores the dynamics behind the introduction of the White Monks to this region. Consequently, the following lines are intended to address the current state of things in which there is such a traditional issue in medieval Spanish historiography, as monastic dominions. In order to achieve this, I have proceeded not only to examine the first Cistercian foundation charter in the Iberian Peninsula, but also to select, gather, and analyse the most relevant bibliography that has been written on the development of the Cistercian Order in Galicia. As nearly all the monasteries were existing houses which were incorporated into the Order it is necessary to begin with an examination of the context into which the Cistercians came. This is followed by an analysis of their spread and accumulation of endowments, and an examination of the consequences of this growth.

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