Estonian Clergymen and Denmark during the Middle Ages

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Pajung, Stefan. 2021. «Estonian Clergymen and Denmark During the Middle Ages». Collegium Medievale 34 (desember). Oslo, Norge.


This article deals with the activities of members of the Estonian clergy in Denmark during the Middle Ages. Even though Northern Estonia was part of the Danish realm for over 120 years, and the bishopric of Reval remained part of the Danish church province until the Reformation, the subject has hitherto only has received little attention, especially when it comes to other members of the clergy than the bishops. This article thus not only deals with the eight Danish bishops in Danish Estonia, but also with monks and canons from the Duchy as well as other Livonian clerics who interacted with the Danish church and state. Through some well-documented cases, members of the Livonian clergy are shown as having played a small, but nonetheless important role not only in the ecclesiastical, but also in the political life of the Danish realm.

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