The Hoen Hoard. A Viking gold treasure of the ninth century. Utgitt av Signe Horn Fuglesang and David M. Wilson (eds.)
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Solberg, Bergljot. 2008. «The Hoen Hoard. A Viking Gold Treasure of the Ninth Century. Utgitt Av Signe Horn Fuglesang and David M. Wilson (eds.)». Collegium Medievale 21 (november). Oslo, Norge.


The Hoen hoard, found in 1834 in Øvre Eiker, Buskerud, is probably the most important Viking-period hoard known from Norway. It includes 206 pieces, of which 54 are gold or silver-gilt objects, twenty coins, also of gold, and 132 beads of glass or semi-precious stone. The hoard has not been considered as a whole since 1929 when it was included by Sigurd Grieg in his catalogue of the Viking-period hoards found in Norway. In 1996 Signe Horn Fuglesang and the Centre for Viking and Medieval Studies of the University of Oslo initiated a renewed study of the Hoen hoard drawing on the expertise of scholars in various disciplines. Fourteen authors have contributed to the monograph.
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