Auf der Jagd nach Prinzessin Kristin in spanischen Quellen

Ellen Fischer


In the thirteenth century an extraordinary marriage takes place. Kristin, the daughter of the Norwegian King Hákon IV (1217â1263), marries a Spanish infant, Felipe, who is the brother of Alfonso X the wise (1252â1284) in 1258. The marriage is politically motivated. Hákonar saga reports extensively about this event. In Spain, only in the Alfonsinian chronicle one has found two mentions of Kristin. This study investigates which source-value can be ascribed to the Alfonsinian chronicle (and, thereby, the assertions about Kristin), how it got through the centuries to our time and why the Spanish historians were not interested in Kristinââ¬â¢s fate for a long time. The result consists of two parts: It is highly doubtful whether Kristinââ¬â¢s reputation in Spain was as high as Sturla describes it in the Hákonar saga. One can also assume that there have not been any further Spanish sources concerning Kristin at any time.



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