Lenka JirouÅ¡ková: Der heilige Wikingerkönig Olav Haraldsson und sein hagiographisches Dossier. Text und Kontext der Passio Olavi (mit kritischer Edition)
Collegium Medievale 2016
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Kraggerud, Egil. 2017. «Lenka JirouÅ¡ková: Der Heilige Wikingerkönig Olav Haraldsson Und Sein Hagiographisches Dossier. Text Und Kontext Der Passio Olavi (mit Kritischer Edition)». Collegium Medievale 29 (mars). Oslo, Norge. http://ojs.novus.no/index.php/CM/article/view/1374.


Let it be clear at once: these magnificent volumes represent a great scholarly achievement and will be reckoned as a major contribution to understanding the hagiography of Olav Haraldsson from practically all angels and in all its aspects. We have at the same time to do with a rather unorthodox publication. In spite of the unassuming parenthesis in the subtitle above, "(mit kritischer Edition)", Lenka JirouÅ¡ková's magnum opus may be seen primarily as an edition (or better: a bundle of interconnected editions) preceded, not by an introduction in the customary way, but by a number of separate investigations equivalent in bulk and richness to at least three separate monographs (not to speak of any number of articles).
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