Snorre Sturlason som balanskonstnär
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Sawyer, Birgit. 2010. «Snorre Sturlason Som balanskonstnär». Collegium Medievale 23 (november). Oslo, Norge.


This article discusses the historical context of Snorri Sturluson-´s work, known as "Kings-´ Sagas", its title and structure as well as his purposes and intended audiences. Snorri was not the first to write about Norwegian kings; several authors had treated the same period because their purposes were different. Snorri is very critical of increased central power; the title "Kings' Sagas" is misleading, since Snorri does not treat kings as the main figures but emphasizes the importance of others: earls, chieftains - and women. The division into kings' sagas may well have happened later. The structure of Snorri-´s history is revealing; he begins by ridiculing the mythical "Yngling" kings, and ends by belittling king Magnus Erlingsson.-  Snorri sought not only to defend old law and the rights of magnates, but also to emphasize the qualities of Icelanders, thereby satisfying both Norwegian and Icelandic audiences. His sophisticated style could satisfy both less and better educated listeners/readers.
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