Constructing History: The Use of the Past as a Model for the Present in the Icelandic Sagas
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Jørgensen, Michael Riber. 2010. «Constructing History: The Use of the Past As a Model for the Present in the Icelandic Sagas». Collegium Medievale 23 (november). Oslo, Norge.


The Icelandic sagas can be read and interpreted in many ways. This article examines the sagas both as literary expressions of a longstanding oral tradition and as part of a collective and cultural memory. The focus in the first part is on people and places in the sagas as "realms of memory": things that help construct a common past and a common identity. The second part of the article explores the role of the sagas in medieval Iceland as "key myths" that explain the origin and uniqueness of a society, and as moral and legal role models legitimizing the current social order.
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