Zur Ikonographie der AM 350 fol. Skarðsbók
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Drechsler, Stefan. 2015. «Zur Ikonographie Der AM 350 Fol. Skarðsbók». Collegium Medievale 27 (desember). Oslo, Norge. http://ojs.novus.no/index.php/CM/article/view/1152.


This article discusses the use of secular and Christian iconography found in the important Jónsbók manuscript AM 350 fol., known as Skarðsbók, from 1363. The case study concerns the text-image relations of its illuminations and their form in terms of an interpictuality, that is the changed patterns of iconography in the context of a new textual frame. The study focuses on the symbolic importance of the historical book painting and sets it into the ideological background found in the polyphonic structure of the text. The article aims to show that in AM 350 fol. we find not only a strong Christian, holistic ideology visible in the interplay of text and image, but also that previous ideas about its commisson and the claimed intention of its production needs to be questioned.
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