Stadnamnarkivet hundre år
namn og nemne omslag 2022

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Helleland, B. (2022). Stadnamnarkivet hundre år. NAMN OG NEMNE, 39. Hentet fra


The Norwegian Place Name Archive (Norsk stadnamnarkiv) was founded in 1921. The aim of the archive was to register place names in written sources and gather the pronunciation of names on maps, in addition to the full documentation of place names in certain areas. In addition to documentation, research and publication have been important parts of the archive’s work. Teaching and courses in collection of place names were also conducted. Starting in the 1970s, the archive has organized or contributed to onomastic conferences, nationally and internationally. The place name archive was located first in Oslo, from 1930–42 mainly in Bergen, then in Oslo again. The government was responsible for the archive starting in 1939, and it became a separate institute at the University of Oslo in 1978. In 2016 the onomastic collections were transferred to the University of Bergen, where they became part of the Norwegian Language Collections at Bergen University Library.

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