Det hypotetiske gårdsnavnet *Sukulrud i Spydeberg ‒onomastikk og primærkilder

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Langekiehl, A. S. (2018). Det hypotetiske gårdsnavnet *Sukulrud i Spydeberg ‒onomastikk og primærkilder. NAMN OG NEMNE, 34. Hentet fra


Based on the transcript of an entry in a tax list from the year 1600, Margit Harsson, who edited and released the late Profes-sor Kåre Hoelá¾½s manuscript on the residential names in Spyde-berg, has surmised the existence of a farm named *Sukulrud. She iterates the hypothesis in her lexicon on the Norwegian rud-names from the Middle Ages. Harsson being an eminent onomast, the result has been that the existence of a farm named *Sukulrud in Spydeberg has gained general acceptance. Founded on information from a col-league Harsson in her lexicon states that the prefix of the hypo-thetical farm name is the male personal name Sakul ‒ Sakulv ‒derived from the Old Norse Sakúlfr. Another transcript of a cadastre from 1646‒47 reads the name of the tenant of Rud as Swerchell. This resulting in Hars-son putting forward a new, not tenable hypothesis. She thinks that it can be a variable of Sverker, and rephrases this in the lexicon to a statement that the name may have been conceived as a form of the male personal name Sverker. The primary source, the cadastre, has, however, the name Swechell ‒ one of the many forms the name Sakulv got after the Middle Ages. Harssoná¾½s hypothesis on the farm name *Sukulrud is just that ‒ a hypothesis ‒ and she is recommendable transparent con-cerning this fact. She has not analysed the original historical sources though, and as onomastics is more than linguistics only, the lack of serious interdisciplinary research is in this case de-plorable.

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