Fra Karesjok, Tana-Elv og Vadsøe Sogn i Sommerdragt

Emneord (Nøkkelord)

source complexity
aesthetic judgement
Johannes Flintoe (1787–1870)
Hans Mortensen Colpus (1803–1880)
Anders Persen (1813–1867)
John Isaksen (1818–1855)


The watercolour From Karesjok, Tana River and Vadsøe District in Summer Clothing (1831-1833) by the Danish artist Johannes Flintoe (1787-1870) has a long history of reception. Flintoe's depiction of three young men in attires from Finnmark, has been criticized for being essentialistic and inauthentic. This paper offers alternative readings, emphasizes contexts, and shows the image as a complex historical source. The picture can also foster inquiries into aesthetics of the gákti, of how to wear the gákti, and how to judge the wearing of the gákti, by drawing on a rich Sámi epistemology.

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