Zum Geschlecht der Personen in Rígsþula 28. 29

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Cöllen, Sebastian. 2009. «Zum Geschlecht Der Personen in Rígsþula 28. 29». Collegium Medievale 22 (november). Oslo, Norge. https://ojs.novus.no/index.php/CM/article/view/84.


The following article adresses from a philological perspective two recent interpretations, seen from an archaeological perspective, of the Eddic stanzas Rígsþula (Rþ.) 28. 29. Both interpretations concern the sex of the protagonists. The former seems possible to support linguistically. Opposed to the previously held view, I think that Rþ. 28 might describe, not the woman's dress, but how the woman prepares her husband for hunting or battle. As to the latter stanza, however, the traditional interpretation stands firm. If future archaeological research tries to find parallels to the dress described in Rþ. 29, it should start from the assumption that this dress belongs to a woman.
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