Merete Geert Andersen: Katalog over AM Accessoria 7: De latinske fragmenter

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Attinger, Gisela, og Åslaug Ommundsen. 2011. «Merete Geert Andersen: Katalog over AM Accessoria 7: De Latinske Fragmenter». Collegium Medievale 24 (november). Oslo, Norge.


Fragments from medieval manuscripts have survived in large numbers and are significant sources to medieval manuscript culture. However, fragment collections often have not been given the attention that they deserve. They are cumbersome to deal with and a disproportional lot of work has to be put into compiling a catalogue which might only be used by a few people. Often they never get finished and end up as preliminary inventories which are only available locally. It is all the more admirable when the compiler of such an inventory gets around to revising the work and making it more easily available through having it published, as has been the case with the present publication.
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