"A Female Legendary from Iceland: 'Kirkjubæjarbók' (AM 429 12mo) in The Arnamagnæan Collection, Copenhagen". Edited by Kirsten Wolf.

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Wellendorf, Jonas. 2013. «‘A Female Legendary from Iceland: ’Kirkjubæjarbók’ (AM 429 12mo) in The Arnamagnæan Collection, Copenhagen’. Edited by Kirsten Wolf». Collegium Medievale 26 (november). Oslo, Norge. https://ojs.novus.no/index.php/CM/article/view/22.


This immensely useful scholarly edition of the late medieval Icelandic manuscript AM 429 12mo, nicknamed Kirkjubæjarbók, is the third publication in the series of digital facsimiles published by Museum Tusculanum Press in collaboration with The Arnamagnæan Institute in Copenhagen. The editor, Kirsten Wolf, is one of the most prolific editors of Old Norse texts today, and she has executed the transcription with all the meticulous care one expects of a diplomatic edition. A Female Legendary from Iceland consists of a printed part and a digital part, which is included on a CD-ROM that accompanies the volume. The printed part consists of a 63 page-introduction and an emended diplomatic transcription of the text of the entire manuscript; the digital part contains color facsimiles of all leaves of the manuscript and various kinds of representations of the manuscript text in html format: a diplomatic text without emendations, a diplomatic text with emendations, a normalized text, a normalized text arranged in paragraphs for easier reading, and, finally, Latin source texts. The diplomatic transcription and the normalized text are also to be found in an accompanying xml file encoded according to the Menota standard. Finally, the CD-ROM also includes pdf files of the entire printed part of the publication, the easy-to-read normalized text, and the Latin source texts.
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