Egil Kraggerud (red.): Johannes Nicolai. Biskop Jens Nilssøns latinske skrifter

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Gejrot, Claes. 2021. «Egil Kraggerud (red.): Johannes Nicolai. Biskop Jens Nilssøns Latinske Skrifter». Collegium Medievale 19 (mai). Oslo, Norge.


Bishop Jens Nilssøn of Oslo (1538-1600) stands out as one of the most important Norwegian writers of the 16th century. Sermons and other material directly related to his episcopal duties, written in Danish, have already been published by Norwegian scholars. In the present volume, his Latin writings are made available in modern editions and translations. The book is the result of the impressive efforts above all by the editor Egil Kraggerud, but also by a number of other Oslo scholars, who have taken part in the translation work.

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