Skrift, tale og simulering av andres sansning
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Emneord (Nøkkelord)

sansekulturell vending
sansning og tekst
David Howes
Constance Classen

Hvordan referere

Ødemark, J. (2007). Skrift, tale og simulering av andres sansning. Tidsskrift for Kulturforskning, 6(4). Hentet fra


This article examines the so-called sensory turn in cultural studies from the perspective of cultural translation. What are the manuals of translation used in the cultural translation of the sensory cultures of others? I identify two manuals or models that govern translation: (i) the idea of cultural patterns that bridge the relations between cultural part and cultural whole, i.e. a certain organic and aesthetic holism; (ii) the dichotomy between written and oral culture. I argue that the last is too general and the first too reductive to offer viable bridgeheads into the sensory worlds of "others". Furthermore, I argue that a study of sensory culture should account for linguistic, textual and conceptual factors in the process of cultural translation.
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