Astrid Lindgrens Småland

Kirsti Mathiesen Hjemdahl


Owing to the numerous possibilities of linking countryside, author and narratives, Astrid Lindgrenâs Småland stands out as an exciting region in which to base a survey examining the interaction between the theme park and its surrounding area.
âââIn Småland, it is not only the Astrid Lindgrens Verden Theme Park that stands out as thematic countryside. If one is acquainted with Astrid Lindgrenâs life and authorship, it becomes clear that it is almost impossible to visit Småland without simultaneously stepping into the worlds of the author. This applies particularly to the areas around Vimmerby, which is Lindgrenâs place of birth.
âââThus Astrid Lindgrenâs Småland corresponds in many ways to the well-known analyses of the thematic countrysideâs power to banish traditional countryside to mere crossroads in a global network where time and space become insignificant.
âââIn this article, however, classical ideological critical forms of understanding are set aside, in favour of an investigation of more phenomenologically inspired frames of interpretation. Instead of focusing on structural readings of the theme parkâs effect on the local surroundings, the limelight is directed towards the dimensions of experience and the thematic countrysideâs creative and cultural relocalising potential.

Emneord (Nøkkelord)

tematisert landskap, ideologikritikk, fenomenologi, plass-skaping



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