âEg veit eg burde grine, alle dei andre grin jo.â

Kyrre Kverndokk


More then 25 million people have visited the Auschwitz Museum since its opening in 1947. Many of the visitors are schoolchildren from Europe, North America and Israel. In Norway, about 25 % of all teenagers make this journey. During these journeys the pupils have to relate to a number of social expectations as to how they are supposed to experience the meeting with the camp. After a visit in the camp one girl wrote: âI canât really understand where I am, what has happened here, what history is. I donât feel anything. I know I should cry, because all the others are crying. Why canât I? Do I not have any feelings?â The article uses this girlâs text to discuss formations of meanings concerning the pupilsâ visits to the camp. The author views the formations as negotiations which happen in the tensions between the pupilsâ experiences and social expectations as to how the pupils are supposed to understand the visit.

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Holocaust; erindring; Bakhtin; forventninger; erfaringer



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