Meningsløs naturalitet?

Guro Flinterud


In 2019, the Disney Corporation released a brushed up, new version of their animation classic The Lion King, first released in 1994. The storyline was the same, but the visual look was completely re-done, using new techniques to make it look completely photo realistic. Film critics balked at the new look, claiming that the new realism made the animals appear less life-like. In this article, I analyse five Norwegian film reviews, asking how we can understand these intense reactions. I claim that the reactions can be understood in light of the mixing of two distinct types of anthropomorphic genres in popular media culture, animated films and nature films. The uneasiness expressed by the film critics when faced with this mixing of genres reveal that mediatized stories are important sites for understanding human-animal relations.

Emneord (Nøkkelord)

anthropomorphism; genre; visual culture; human-animal relations; popular media



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