Lyst og nydelse i queerrum


  • Gunvor Christensen Psykiatri- og Socialforvaltningen, København Amt


Queer space is part of the sexual organisation of the metropolis. The social gathering and the expression of body and pleasure economies that take place in queer space, happen in the city, because of the city and because of the people who are experienced in employing the possibilities of the city. In this article, it is discussed how individuals in queer space by expressing their body and pleasure economies detach their surfaces from personal identities and engage in sexual relations that come into existence and disappear in the same movement. This detachment occurs when individuals involve themselves in erotic experimentation, role plays, and in making gender a fetish. Thus, they perform sexuality and gender out of existence, creating confusion and disorder in the hegemonic system of the heteronormative sexuality and gender.


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Christensen, G. (2005). Lyst og nydelse i queerrum. Sosiologi I Dag, 35(1). Hentet fra