Kultur och känsla


  • Jonas Frykman Etnologiska institutionen, Lunds universitet
  • Orvar Löfgren Etnologiska institutionen, Lunds Universitet


This essay discusses the uses of emotions in cultural analysis. In the introduction we explore the ambiguities of the verb "to feel", its double focus on the haptic and the emotional. The aim is to avoid the psychological tradition of seeing emotions as a neat category, that often gets trapped in fruitless discussions of the polarities of body and mind, inner and outer, conscious and unconscious, discursive and non-discursive.


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Frykman, J., & Löfgren, O. (2005). Kultur och känsla. Sosiologi I Dag, 35(1). Hentet fra http://ojs.novus.no/index.php/SID/article/view/891