Presterapportar og namnebruk i Noreg på 1700-talet
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Kruken, K. (2019). Presterapportar og namnebruk i Noreg på 1700-talet. NAMN OG NEMNE, 35. Hentet fra


In 1743 the Norwegian priests, among other officials, were asked to report to the Danish authorities on unusual names in their local parish. Most of them gave only a list of old nordic (heathen) names, assuring that these names would soon be totally extinct. But according to the parish registers, some of the priests speak against the truth - the old nordic names, especially names with Tor-, are far more common than the reports contend. The article puts forward the thesis that the priest wants to defend his congregation and make the local community a normal part of the Christian Danish society. To strengthen his apology the priest finds it morally acceptable to gloss over a certain part of the naming practice in the parish.
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