Det umuliges kunst. Lovregulering af personnavne i det 21. århundrede set fra Danmark

Michael Lerche Nielsen


The article evaluates the impact of the Danish Personal Name law-code from 2006. The law-code was inspired by the Norwegian legislation from 2012. The new law-code has been received well by the Danes and it has had a marked effect on the frequency of most surnames. The impact on first names is hard to evaluate. Only the lists of newly approved first names are available. In total 800–900 new first names are added to the list every year. It is predicted that transgender issues will be the main a challenge for a future revision of the law. Regarding name legislation in regard to a cultural heritage aspect on name traditions, it is suggested that the Nordic countries should include standardized spelling of names as a possibility in the public sphere, so the straight-forward spelling is always acceptable, for instance in rendering Michael Lerche Nielsen as Mikael Lærke Nielsen.



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