Onomastikkfaget og praksis for vitenskapelig publisering
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Wikstrøm, S. (2017). Onomastikkfaget og praksis for vitenskapelig publisering. NAMN OG NEMNE, 33. Hentet fra http://ojs.novus.no/index.php/NON/article/view/1334


This article takes as its starting point the fact that onomastics, as well as the other native language fields in Norway, gradually have been phased out from the large universities over the last few years. The aim was to find out if this could be explained by the institutions' policies on scholarly publishing. Onomastics and the other native language fields' traditions for scholarly research, publishing and communication proves to be poorly adapted to the bibliometric indicators which have been used to evaluate research in Norway over the last ten years. Moreover, the strong demand for internationalisation in the academic institutions and use of international scientific citation indexing services may have contributed to the decline of impact of the small native language fields. Findings show that the representation of onomastics in one of these citation indexing services is marginal, as is publications in Norwegian. Solutions for how the scholarly research and communication in the native language fields could be more visible, include stronger attention to practices of national and international scholarly publishing, a better knowledge about how to publish with open access, and, preferably, a national strategy with adapted models and solutions for these fields.
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