Hardingfelene frå Sandland
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Kristensen, B. S. (2015). Hardingfelene frå Sandland. Musikk Og Tradisjon, 28. Hentet fra http://ojs.novus.no/index.php/MOT/article/view/690


Members of the Sandland family in Kviteseid, Telemark, made during a period from the mid 1870âs to the start of the 1970âs more than 900 Hardanger fiddles. Their business blossomed in a time when Hardanger fiddles were highly in demand. Who may have taught the craft to the Sandland builders? What type of Hardanger fiddle may be considered as the base or prototype for the Sandland fiddles? How did they develop their market? How was the reception of their instruments in their time, and how are they assessed today? To what extent have the Sandland builders exerted influence on other Hardanger fiddle builders?
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