Akademiseringen av norsk folkemusikk, jazz og populærmusikk i Norge – the same story?

Knut Tønsberg


This article discusses whether comparable traits exist between the academising processes that have taken place within Norwegian folk music and popular music/jazz. A major similarity shared by the said types of music is the concern voiced against education in the field, because there often is a focus on what is rights or wrongs in education. One of the differences is that, when it comes to jazz, pop, rock education, all were established within already existing art music institutions, with the particular challenges this entails. As regards folk music part, this is the case only at one of the three Norwegian institutions offering folk music education on a large scale and at a high level. The remaining two were established as quite new independent academies, as a result of local and individual initiatives. The article also considers whether educational frames and a focus on what is ”right or wrong” in instruction can contribute to the creation of great art within the folk music genre.



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