Barbara E. Crawford: The Churches Dedicated to St. Clement in Medieval England. A Hagio-geography of the Seafarerôs Saint in 11th Century North Europe

Margaret Cormack


This volume represents the culmination of a decade of investigation of the cult of St. Clement in Scandinavia and England. Perusing it will be valuable not only for those interested in medieval Scandinavian, English, and Viking history, but for any who may wonder why one should bother to study the cult of saints in the first place. Crawfordââ¬â¢s work demonstrates the variety of political, economic, and environmental meanings the dedication of a church to a particular saint could convey. In the case of St. Clement, who died by drowning, the legend of his martyrdom gave him clear maritime associations, and he has often been thought of as an appropriate patron saint for sailors and merchants.



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