Venerunt fratres predicatores. Notes on Datings of the First Dominican Convent Foundations in Scandinavia
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Jakobsen, Johnny Grandjean Gøgsig. 2011. «Venerunt Fratres Predicatores. Notes on Datings of the First Dominican Convent Foundations in Scandinavia». Collegium Medievale 24 (november). Oslo, Norge.


Barely had the Order of Preachers been established in 1216, before learned Scandinavians living abroad started to join the order. Many of them were sent back home to help founding convents of Friars Preachers in what was to become the order's province of Dacia. This early phase of Dominican history in Scandinavia is relatively well described from a Dominican chronicle, from a number of annals and a handful of extant letters. All this notwithstanding, the exact years in the chronology of events have been a matter of some scholarly discussion. In this article, the author aims to offer an overview of facts, problems and theses, providing new evidence to settle some of the old questions - as well as questioning some of the settled beliefs.
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