Boëthius and the Preface of Theodoricus' Historia - opinio versus oblivio once again

Egil Kraggerud


In the second part of their stimulating article ëOn Theodoricus Monachus' Use of Late Classical Authorsû' Espen Karlsen and Kyrre Vatsend (hence K. & V.) argue that my correction of opinio to oblivio2 in the quotation from Boethius in the preface to Theodoricus' History of the Old Nonvegian Kings (Historia de antiquitate regum Nonvagiensium) is questionable. In their view Th. may not have wanted his quotation to coincide with the original wording and accordingly I should have considered the possibility of a nice try at a logical improvement on Theodoricus' part. Their treatment of the issue will be read to the effect that opinio should be kept in the text. I think they are mistaken in this



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