Konflikter i middelalderens Norden - En introduksjon

Beate Albrigtsen Pedersen


In April 2018, scholars from all over Scandinavia gathered in Oslo for the conference Conflict in the Nordic Middle Ages, organized by the research project Nordic “civil wars” of the High Middle Ages in an interdisciplinary and comparative perspective. The goal was to get an understanding of how different conflicts within the timespan 800-1500 was carried out. How different were the conflicts fought during the High Middle Ages from those fought in the Late Middle Ages? And were there any distinctions between the Nordic kingdoms? In this special issue of Collegium Medievale you will find revised papers presented at this conference. The volume is divided into three parts: the first section concerns the conflicts as a whole: How they started, how they escalated and how they were solved. The second part is focusing more on the participants in different medieval conflicts. What were their motivations, their agency and their social networks? In the last section the question is how people in the Middle Ages justified their conflicts, and how economy influenced the political disputes.



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