Hans Henrik Lohfert Jørgensen, Henning Laugerud & Laura Katrine Skinnebach (eds.): The Saturated Sensorium: Principles of Perception and Mediation in the Middle Ages

Maria H. Oen


Opening with a highly pertinent cover illustration which shows the kneeling St. Bernard of Clairvaux receiving milk from the Virgin’s naked breast, the anthology The Saturated Sensorium seeks to demonstrate the central, yet paradoxical role assigned to the physical senses and material media in the quest for experience and knowledge of the spiritual and transcendent God in the Middle Ages. At a seminar in 2009, a group of Scandinavian scholars from various disciplines such as art history, archaeology, philology, church history, literature and media studies convened to discuss sense relations and media in the Middle Ages. The result is the present book containing an introductory chapter followed by ten essays.



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