Madonnaskapene i Hedalen og Reinli stavkirker. Forslag til rekonstruksjon av skapenes opprinnelige utseende
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Stein, Mille. 2010. «Madonnaskapene I Hedalen Og Reinli Stavkirker. Forslag Til Rekonstruksjon Av Skapenes Opprinnelige Utseende». Collegium Medievale 23 (november). Oslo, Norge.


The rose painted altarpiece in Hedalen Stave Church consists of a medieval crucifix and a medieval tabernacle. The rose painting (rosemaling) is from the second half of the eighteenth century and this covers virtually all of the original medieval painting. The Madonna sculpture and the canopy, which originally formed part of the tabernacle, are still in the church and they are not overpainted. This article discusses the examination of the tabernacle corpus with the aim of establishing the tabernacles original appearance. The results are presented as a proposed reconstruction of the tabernacle. A proposed reconstruction of the original appearance of the overpainted medieval tabernacle in the neighbouring Reinli Stave Church is also presented. This is based on the examination results and studies of written sources. Examination of the Hedalen tabernacle indicates there were small reliefs in the tabernacle niches. The painted reliefs on the niche tops depicted buildings with towers, corresponding to a fragment from the Reinli tabernacle and to other tabernacles in Sweden and Finland. The outside of the Hedalen tabernacle was decorated with a red and green checkerboard pattern, while the outside of the Reinli tabernacle had green wing doors and red side wings.
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